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An interview with Joe Volume @joevolume (by @noisy_bishop_jr)



1) Hey Joe, what’s up? What’s new in your world?

Hey, that feels like an odd question at the time cuz honestly everything has changed, and I’m afraid that lots of aspects of my life have taken a turn for the worse. First up I got attacked in my apartment, which opened up a court case trial. I had a pending arrest and subsequent trial I had to get done with. Which really wasn’t a big…

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Review: Weird Al Yankovic @alyankovic - Mandatory Fun (by @Ashleyscrace)


4 out of 5 stars

Video certainly killed the radio star. When the internet came along, it seemed the video star would be dead too. Then came Youtube and rather than signal the death knell, it gave yet more platform for the visual form. (more…)

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Band of the week - The Payroll Union @thepayrollunion


History can be a tricky thing. It’s often referenced as “being written by the winners” but that ol’ bit of homespun knowledge overlooks how there’s always something more, a b-side to history’s greatest single. This is where the dark, American Gothic sounds of The Payroll Union come into play.

The band’s history is akin to a travelling troupe that changes members during the first years of the…

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Stream – AUXVJ

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 7.44.33 PM

Mr. Jonathan Arellano has many faces for his music. Sometimes he goes wild prog with URSS bajo el árbol. Sometimes he’s just part of a gestalt entity called Xavier, where all voices have equal weight. Other times, he ponders about love, life and madness with The Jonathan Arellano Project. And sometimes he’s just performing with a rip-roaring good all timers called Los Viernes Swing Band.


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Band of the Week: @TheEasternSea


Sometimes the best surprises you get in life is when you stumble upon a band by mere serendipity. It was August 2012 and I was diving Scrooge McDuck style through that vault of musical riches called Daytrotter.

Many good bands were found, but a crown jewel came in the form of The Eastern Sea. The first song of theirs I heard was ‘The Snow’ and I got caught by them entirely:


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EP Review: Irk – Bread And Honey


Some things in life are synonymous with each other, like AFC Ajax producing talented young footballers, or American TV companies making super addictive shows. For the city of Leeds it is being home to an endless amount of heavy music. (more…)

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Versus You – Moving On

Verses you

‘Fat Lip’ and ‘From Under the Cork Tree’ are just a couple of great releases that the genre of Pop Punk gave us. However, it also gave us long, drawn out and downright whiny vocals. It feels like you could probably complete an ultra marathon and master 3 disciplines of kung-fu by the time Tom Delonge has finished moping about how you are already the voice inside his head.


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